Pink and Deadly Episode 31 (Explicit)

We’re back after a short hiatus!

Episode highlights:

Chelle –  Hooray for spring! Lots of walking and checking out Indianapolis, and she’s addicted to reddit/nosleep.  She even contributed her own creepy story!

Donna – Lots of illness, major suckfest.  New job happiness, and also PAX EAST with the Frag Dolls.  Oh, and she might have crashed a Furry convention. Teehee!

Games played:

Chelle:  The blush is a little off of the Zelda rose.

Donna: Spartacus Legends, ’cause of her new job.


Chelle:  Jerks are reselling Humble Bundle deals.  Douchebags!!

Donna:  An open-world, FPS, gothic, Poe-inspired, psychological game?  Hell yes, and it’s called “Death In Candlewood.”

New released:

Chelle:  Daylight

Donna: ESO – Elder Scrolls Online

Squeezie loves:

Chelle:  Her new co-workers are awesome, and she’s still sad about Jack Tretton.  Chris O’Regan from “The Sausage Factory” podcast gets extra special love.

Donna:  Billy at Structure Gaming, Frag Dolls, and her awesome new co-workers on Spartacus Legends.

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Pink and Deadly Episode 30

Hey everyone! The ladies are back with another episode of Pink and Deadly. Episode 30 is a bit short because, well let’s face it a week full of work and parental visits doesn’t make for the most exciting game podcast topic.

But Donna and Chelle did manage to get some gaming in and discuss Donna’s readiness to get in on some Titanfall and Chelle’s initial encounter with Splinter Cell Blacklist. Find out on this week’s show who is the ghost and who tends to go on the assault.

Also mentioned in our news section – Sad news following a League of Legends Tournament, Titanfall’s possible movement to the MAC and Sony appears to be toying with the idea of offering game rentals through the Playstation Store

New upcoming releases include – Dark Souls 2 and inFamous Second Son

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Pink and Deadly Episode 29 (Explicit)

Whew!  Episode 29 is here! No intro/outro today because Donna is having technical difficulties.

This week we have special guest Andre Tipton from Real Otaku Gamer!


Donna hates everything, Andre plays everything, and Chelle REALLY loves Jack Tretton.

What we’ve been playing: Donna is waiting for Titanfall and hasn’t played anything in anticipation for it. Chelle is playing Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition and Remember Me. Andre is playing pretty much every game in existance, but recommends Mario 3D World.

News:  Jack Tretton.  All the Jack Tretton.  *sniff*

New Releases:  Watch Dogs has a release date! HOORAY!  Also, Titanfall.

Squeezie Loves:  More Jack Tretton. We really love Jack Tretton! Entertainment Fuse and Structure Gaming, as always, and Andre sends love to family, friends, and the gaming community.

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Pink and Deadly Episode 28 (Explicit)

The ladies are back and this time with special guest Aaron Roberson from the Digital High podcast! Highlights include:

What we’ve been doing – Not much really, Donna filled her week with diet and exercise, admired a serial killer’s (Dexter) nice eyes and body and wondered what he would look like with his shirt off. Chelle is giving up the cigarettes, hid her eyes through some scary movies and got news from Fire Hose Games on their current offer to laid off game developers. Aaron worked on a review of the game Banished, suffered through Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, forgot to watch Riddick and was DEFINITELY NOT plummeting to his  death.

What we’ve been playing – Chelle played some Zen Pinball 2 but her scores aren’t showing up on her friends score lists (WTF?), found out she has to pay to die in Bioshock Infinite and snooped through her character family’s private things in Gone Home. Aaron lived the medieval good life in Banished, practiced at becoming a world champion in Smite and played and contemplated changing his rating of Lightning Returns while Donna sneaked around in the darkness, picked locks and dumped some bodies in Thief.

News – Nintendo announces the shutting down of WiFi for the Wii, NDS and DSi; the British government contemplates using Kinect as a spy device, King Games withdraws their copyright application for the word Candy in the U.S. however they still plan to pursue the EU claim, rumors are buzzing that Rocksteady could possibly be making a new Batman game and Irrational Games are discussing adding 1998 mode to their game Burial at Sea.

New Releases – It’s all about the South Park Stick of Truth love this week.

Listener Question from @Deuces_56 – How did you ladies meet and how did you come to start Pink and Deadly? – Check out the podcast for our answer!

Squeazy Loves go out this week in memory of the late Tim Wilson, comedian and actor, Harold Ramis who both passed away this past week. Aaron remembers his grandfather and gives special thanks to his fiancee’ and father for their ongoing support in all his ventures.


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Pink and Deadly Episode 27

Hosted by Donna and Chelle

  • What’s up?

Donna and Chelle were both infirmed and pervy messages on social media.

  • What we’ve played

Lots of Titanfall and dancing for Donna. Chelle plays Resogun and talks about Link’s ever-present laziness in “Link Between Worlds”

  • News

Naughty Dog’s response to dumbasses:  ”You’re wrong!” and “Who the fuck cares?”

Irrational Games closes, leaving the Bioshock IP to 2K and Ken Levine will start making digital download games.

  • Listener questions:

Why, yes, we ARE awesome, thank you!

  • Pink and Deadly Squeezie Loves

@Dueces_56 on Twitter

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Pink and Deadly Episode 26 – We are back!

Hosted by Donna and Chelle

  • Catching up
  1. Donna talks Ubisoft, events with the Frag dolls and getting her name in the Splinter Cell Conviction credits
  2. Chelle reflects on moving to Indiana, getting snowed in for the first time in years, working for Structure Gaming and the ghost in her closet
  • What video games we’ve been playing
  1. Donna tells about her new love of sandbox games, favorite video games of the last two years and discusses her experience with the Titanfall beta
  2. Chelle admits an addiction to various bingo games on Facebook and does a complete 180 on her most hated game of all time
  • News
  1. The Flappy Bird incident – What a joke!
  2. Candy Crush Saga – Get over yourself!
  3. Pop tart guns – Kids, don’t try this at school … I guess.
  • Shout outs and thank yous
  1. We want to thank all our listeners for your continued support. You guys rock!
  2. Big shout out to Justin and Vince along with the crew at Entertainment Fuse as well as Billy Nichols and the team at Structure Gaming
  3. Thank you to The Married Gamers, Chris O’Regan and Aidy for the awesome plugs you sent us. You are very much appreciated!
  4. Also, a big thank you to Jeff Demelo for our super awesome intro music and Gord Smith for the equally awesome end of show tune.
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Pink and Deadly Reunion Show

It’s the Pink and Deadly Reunion show!

What have Donna and Chelle been up to in the last year? It’s been quite the roller coaster for them both. Is Chelle still into indie games? Does she still have plans to move to England? Does she still have an affinity for young boys? What about Donna? Is she still a fan of shooters? Is she still in contact with the Frag Dolls? You’ll find out everything you’d like to know – and probably more – in the reunion show!

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Truth Or Lies – Review

Have you ever played the game “Truth or Dare”, possibly with a few beers? No? What did you do during your high school/early college years? Chances are, you know the game Truth or Dare, and the game Truth or Lies is almost the exact same method. Only instead of being dared to pull your pants down and scream “I LOVE BAYWATCH” to a passing car, you get the option of telling a truth or you can lie.

Unfortunately, that is the only premise to this game from Imagination and THQ. You are treated to being told this game has a “Unique Lie Detection System” measuring the tone of your voice. You calibrate the system by answering three questions truthfully, and then three questions with a deliberate lie. Regrettably, the “Lie detection” system is completely broken. Either that, or I am such a good liar, that I can convince the game into thinking “Fidel Castro is a sensitive man who has been misjudged” is the most truthful answer I could ever give. I kid you not; this answer gave me the full 1000 points for a truthful answer. I admitted to murder (which I haven’t done, should my lawyers be reading this) and again, was given a truthful answer. In fact, it seemed no matter what I did, I couldn’t lie. So when I put on a high pitched voice and got “Lie”, I attempted to recreate this with the same words and the same pitch – And I got a “Truth”.

The idea of the game, in theory, is a good one. Get a few people around a microphone (A USB mic is needed, an Xbox Live Headset will not work), have a few drinks and answer questions. In practice, it fails due to the detection system being absolutely broken. Furthermore, even setting the questions to “Adult” doesn’t pose any risqué questions. You can skip a question if you don’t want to answer, but none of them are incriminating enough for you to actually care.

Are you telling the truth? Ahhh, who cares?

Are you telling the truth? Who cares?

There is a Hot Seat option, whereby you ask somebody a question, and then the answer it into the microphone to detect if it’s a lie or a truth. But after 10 minutes of actually playing this game, the question arises “Why don’t we just play Truth or Dare?”

The only plus side I can get for this game is the achievement list is pretty simple. I would not recommend buying this; I can barely recommend renting the game. If you want to play a game like this, grab a few friends and actually just play Truth or Dare. It’ll be more fun, and there are no loading screens.

I commend the developers for trying something new, for trying to give a completely different type of game and for attempting to give us something completely refreshing. Unfortunately, the entire system the game is built upon is broken. I will deviate from my usual breakdown scoring and instead give this an overall score.

Overall Score

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